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        As a place propitious for giving birth to great men and a place with good portfolio_item from the earth and the nature, Maoming is blessed with abundant resources as a deep-water port. Profound culture and fertile land has cultivated a number of outstanding enterprises and Guangdong Haibao Canned Food Co., Ltd. is one of the best of them.Guangdong Haibao Canned Food Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou Baiyun Jianggao (Dianbai) Industrial Transfer Park, Dianbai District, Maoming, which enjoys the major support of Guangdong Province. It was founded in 2006 and put into operation in May 2007. The company covers an area of 41,000 square meters and a construction area of 20,000 square meters. It is equipped with modern production workshop and advanced machinery and equipment, as well as the technology research and development center achieving international standard. It has received official registration certification by US FDA and EU and received BRC certification and HACCP management system certification. Haibao is a large manufacturer of canned fish in western Guangdong.



        公司自主品牌“鱼家香”的产品有:传统秘制豆豉鲮鱼、豆豉海鱼、金枪鱼、小羊鱼(剥皮鱼)、鳗鱼、凤尾鱼、沙丁鱼及各种水果瓶盖和易拉盖罐头系列。公司多年来坚持研发和推出创新产品,包括软包装盒子鱼罐头,软包装休 闲水产食品等等,鱼家香品种众多,迎合市场需求,我们的产品覆盖全国各大商超,供应餐饮连锁,在中国进出口商品交易会(广交会)、德国科隆食品展、新加坡、泰国、香港等展销会中,均受到客户的充分肯定和赞誉。海宝产品正在源源不断地销往国内外,充分满足市场的需求。

        The company’s portfolio_item of the self-owned brand of "Yu Jia Xiang" include: the traditional secret recipe dace with salted black beans, fish with salted black beans, tuna, surmullet (skinned fish), eel, anchovies, sardines and various fruits in bottles or zip-top cans. Over the years, the company has adhered to the development and introduction of innovative portfolio_item, including canned fish and aquatic leisure food with flexibly packaged boxes. Yu Jia Xiang food has many varieties to meet market needs and our portfolio_item cover major supermarkets and food and beverage supply chains. Our portfolio_item have received the full recognition and praise of customers in China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair), Food Exhibition in Cologne, Germany, as well as other fairs in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. Haibao portfolio_item are being continually sold at home and abroad to fully meet the needs of the market.




        The company regards "integrity, efficiency, pragmatic and dedication" as the enterprise spirit and keeps "building the brand with good faith and winning the market with high-quality service" as the business philosophy. It makes Haibao get rapid development and made brilliant achievement; Haibao Company has passed through ISO9001 quality management system certification and received the brand product certificate in Guangdong Province. As a senior member of China Canned Food Industry Association, it has been rated as the enterprise "well implementing the contract and keep credit" for successive years; Haibao Company has been rated by Maoming City, Guangdong Province as "Maoming Leading Enterprise", "Advanced Collective Enterprise" and the agricultural portfolio_item production demonstration enterprise in the "Rest Assured Food Brand Project" in Maoming City. It also has been identified as a large taxpayer among industrial enterprises by the Government.




        In the future, Haibao will stick to the traditional fine craft and continue to promote the development of innovative portfolio_item, introduce marketing talent in the market development, build brand marketing network and revoke brand vitality to make Haibao shine brightly! In the land with the birth of hope and glory, it stands high, handshakes with the world, leads the era with its movement and affects the future!